ISPON Plans Inauguration of RSU Student Chapter


Marana Global Services Ltd led a survey in June 2018 to find ways of improving the health and safety standards in Nigeria. In the online survey titled HEALTH AND SAFETY DEVELOPMENT IN NIGERIA, more than 50% of the respondents said they were not happy with the current standard of health and safety practice in the country.

This, according to the results, was based on the poor standard of training and services by many companies operating without regulation. Another factor was also due to lack of effective collaborations of the safety companies with relevant organizations that can boost standards and improve competence.

We want to use this opportunity to emphasize the efforts of ISPON in ensuring continuous improvement in health and safety practice and assure the country of the commitment of our company to better quality and best practice in Nigeria. On a final note, all health and safety companies operating in Nigeria should take a more professional approach to their business so that jointly, a better performance can be achieved.

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