Marana Granted Another Interview to Advise Port Harcourt Flood Victims

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On October 31, 2018, our company granted another interview session with Nigeria Info FM, Port Harcourt to discuss the safety of Ahoada flood victims in Port Harcourt as they return back to their homes. The flood had displaced them recently following some heavy rain. As the water receded, the victims are now getting back home but with some serious concerns.

Most of them have expressed fear about the possibilities that their buildings may collapse following the incidents because of the observed cracks in their walls. Speaking with the media correspondent, Marana Global has advised the State Government to send a team of experts to assess (post impact assessment) the conditions of the houses and the safety of the people. The company validated the people’s concerns by saying that building collapse may occur following a natural disaster especially if the foundation works are poor or inadequate. More so, the company pointed out that other conditions, such as water pressure, height of building and quality of building materials may aggravate the risks of collapse.

Marana gave further details on proper cleaning and sanitizing of the rooms, as well as the need to dehumidify because of absorbed moisture, stressing that post flood effects may come with some health risks.

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