ISPON to Inaugurate RSU Student Chapter
Certificate Verification
In pursuit of our Goal 2021 to cut down paper usage by about 90% in our operations, all visitors in our office are now being logged electronically. No more paper log.
This is a simpler option for you because once you visit, our official will take your details and enter them for you.
We are committed to a sustainable business practice and environmental protection.
To register for HSE training, please click here.
On the registration form, you will be able to:
1. Enter your details
2. Select your courses and see their cost and duration.
3. Upload your passport where necessary
4. Select your preferred date to start training.
We are making the system simpler, and stress free for you.
To register for the 38th ISPON Annual Conference, visit
Thank you for trusting Marana Global.

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