The correct way to wear your earphones: consider the ergonomic designs

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You must have seen various posts from many sources describing the correct ways to wear your earphones. Check the image below for a start. If you have seen something like this, it is because many people have circulated it and it has become popular as the supposed correct way. Unfortunately, we do not think this is correct, no matter how popular it has become. Read further.

Picture 1. 

If picture one is correct, how should we where the one below? 

This will show us the importance of ergonomic designs. Some people are not aware of this.

First, it is important to understand the concept of earphones and the various types. Earphones were introduced to make you enjoy listening to musics on your devices, without disturbing others with the sound. Hence, they are designed to send the sound directly into your own ears. Bear this in mind. Second, there are different types of earphones. In this post, we will focus on the earbuds because this is the point of controversy on internet.

Our studies revealed that the popular idea of wearing earbuds, as seen in picture 1 was due to the fact that some people have their earphones falling off during exercises, while some may not be comfortable with the shape of the earphones in their ears. So, it was only reasonable to consider pulling the cord behind the ears to hang it for stability. Nothing more.

Now let’s consider the correct thing to do.

All standard earphones (buds) are designed to fit the shape of the ears. The ergonomic designs ensure that the left piece fits well into the left ear shape, and the right piece fits well to the right ear. With this, the buds should fit adequately enough to seal the ears and prevent loss of sounds when listening to musics, fulfilling the original plans of the accessory. See below.

Picture 2. 

Consider the shape of the earphones and notice that they actually align with the shape of the ear. That is ergonomics. Now consider when you turn it upside down, as seen in picture 1 above.

The reason why your earpiece will not fit well is because:

  1. You wear them in the wrong ears, see picture 1. Always remember to put left piece into the left ear, and the right into the right.
  2. Your earbuds does not fit your ear shape. While most earbuds are designed for general ear shapes, some may not fit you well because of differences in ear shapes and sizes. Before you buy the next one, consider ergonomics, too. Check your ears, and make the best option that can fit you better.

It is important to know that earphones can fall off your ears while doing some activities, like jugging etc. They are not designed as permanent accessories. So, if you must wear them while exercising, select the ones that can fit better instead of wearing them the wrong way. There are many designs now, an example in picture 3 below.

Picture 3.

Something like this may not easily fall off because of the design. There are other wireless options as well. Just make the right selection and enjoy your music the right way. If they are correctly worn line this, the stability and comfort will increase.


Ergonomics is here to make you enjoy yourself. Stay safe.

Share your comments below. If you need more information or training on ergonomics, contacts us.

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