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Assessment Guide

The information below is intended to serve as guide for you if you are undergoing your training at Marana Global Services Ltd or you intend to do your training with us. Note that the assessment methods also apply to all courses from Institute of Safety Professionals of Nigeria, so far those courses are provided by Marana Global. It is possible that some other professional courses taken at Marana Global may have additional requirements for assessment.

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Continuous Assessment (CA)

During your training, you will be given some practical questions to serve as your continuous assessment. This will be done either as group exercise or individually, and submitted electronically by email to You may be required to make presentation for your group or individual assessment. For group assessment, each member of the group will score equal marks for the practical assessment. Assignments and class activities will also be given to individuals where applicable as part of the continuous assessment.

In addition, you will be required to take our Self Video Assessment (SVA). For information on how to do the SVA, click here.

Your continuous assessment will have a maximum score of 50 points. This will comprise: CA1 (Assignments and Class Activities) - 10 points, CA2 (Practical Assessment) - 30 points and CA3 (Self Video Assessment) - 10 points.

See Continuous Assessment questions.

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Final Examination

After completing your training, you will be authorized to take an electronic examination on our website. This examination is multiple choice questions and carries a maximum score of 50 points.

Note that you will need to create an account on the website to enable you write the examination. Click here if you don't have an account yet.

You can take Sample Exam to see how the page looks like in real sense.

Required Pass Mark for Certification

To be qualified for certification after your training and assessment, a minimum score of 60 points is required. This will be your total score when the continuous assessment and final examination scores are added. For example, if you scored 30 points in the CA and 30 points in the final examination, your total score will be 60 points. Please see our Terms and Conditions for more information

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