Online Course Registration

PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT: Anyone who intends to undergo ISPON HSE Supervision (Level) at MARANA GLOBAL is advised to send their General HSE certificate to us for verification before proceeding to pay for the Level 3. We do not accept certificates from centres that are not approved by ISPON. Contact 08110141960 for more.

Online Course Registration

To register for ISPON courses, complete the form below. Contact 08110141960 for assistance.

Registration Form

  • Type your name the way it should appear on your certificate.
  • Please select your preferred course. If your course is not listed, select others. We will get back to you without delay.
  • If your preferred course is not listed, type it here.
  • Select when you want to start the training. Pick a date at least 7 working days from your registration, except if you require urgent schedule.
  • You may upload your passport. Maximum size is 200kb.

Payment options:

After you submit your registration, select how you want to make payment.

  1. Cash payment/Transfers to MARANA GLOBAL SERVICES LTD. Account No: 5100215294. Heritage Bank.
  2. Online payment. Please click here to pay with your Mastercard, Verve or Visa debit cards.
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