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Designated First Aid
December 7, 2019
Construction Safety
December 18, 2019
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This hands-on training is suitable for company executives, managers, supervisors, trainers, teachers and anyone who functions in similar roles. At the end of the course, trainee will gain in-depth understanding of how to: 1. conduct training needs analysis; 2. design training scope and objectives; 3. develop suitable training guides; 4. analyse the audience; 5. effectively manage any class and difficult audience; 6. evaluate training performance against objectives; 7. use necessary software and technologies to aid training delivery; and 8. be able to deliver excellent training to meet target improvements in organisations.

Interested participants can attend this course in physical classes, online or distance learning. The duration is 2 (two) days in physical classes, and self paced when training using online or distance learning.

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