PUBLIC ANNOUNCEMENT: Anyone who intends to undergo ISPON HSE Supervision (Level) at MARANA GLOBAL is advised to send their General HSE certificate to us for verification before proceeding to pay for the Level 3. We do not accept certificates from centres that are not approved by ISPON. Contact 08110141960 for more.


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We are distinguished for our ability to understand your training needs and provide quality solutions to boost your competence. Our trainings are delivered at world-class standards with the only focus to always give you quality, safe and reliable experience. Through this, your organization can be confident of an improved system performance, and measurable increase in production efficiency.

Over 22 Certification Courses and 120 Modules

Don’t know which course to start with? Check the popular courses below for our recommendations. See the list of our courses for more options.

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Meet Our People...More reason to do business with us

We have a team of highly trained and experienced industry professionals that is able to provide quality and reliable services to your satisfaction.

Dr. Dike Martins

(HSE Training Consultant)

He is a PhD holder and State Chairman, Institute of Safety Professionals of Nigeria.
Also serving as a Chairman of Nigerian Environmental Society.
Senior Lecturer at Federal University of Technology, Owerri.

Dr. Victor Fodeke 

(Environmental Consultant)

He is a PhD holder and a National Designated Authority on Climate Change.
Director at Telco Europe Nigeria.
He has led Nigeria on several international delegations relating to environmental issues.

Mr. Yibio Kalio

(Paramedics Consultant)

A trained and experienced Paramedics.
Currently serving as the Chairman of Nigerian Red Cross Society,
Port Harcourt Division. He has been involved in managing several emergencies across the country.

Mr. Sunny Nleremchi

(Environmental Consultant)

An experienced Environmental Chemist.
He has successfully executed many EIA projects and led several teams on environmental studies. He is also well vast in environmental remediation.

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Start your journey to build a career in the world of safety. Marana Global is one of the sponsors of the 38th ISPON Professional Development Conference and Annual General Meeting holding in November 2019. Click here to learn more. To read our blog for important updates, follow this link.

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