Terms & Conditions

While you train at Marana Global, please take note of the following:

  1. To be admitted for training at Marana Global, you must complete the registration procedure within the time stipulated for the course.
  2. Payment must be made complete and in line with our Cashless Policy.
  3. The Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Level 1 and Level 2 courses are designed for non-graduates only. These courses are suitable for holders of senior school certificates, undergraduates and apprentices.
  4. General HSE course is for degree holders such as Higher National Diploma (HND), Bachelor degree or equivalent from local and international higher institutions recognized by ISPON.
  5. To attend the HSE Level 3 (HSE Supervision) course, you must present a valid General HSE as a requirement, alongside your degree certificate. Undergraduates, holders of Ordinary National Diploma and other degrees lower than HND or BSc are not qualified to attend HSE Level 3 training.
  6. After your training, you will be certified by Institute of Safety Professionals of Nigeria (ISPON) as empowered by the ISPON Act 2014, unless where the course is not listed as ISPON course or where you specifically requested for certificates other than that issued by ISPON.
  7. All first aid training at Marana Global will be certified by Nigerian Red Cross Society or other competent organizations with international reputation.
  8. All Instructors/Trainers at Marana Global are competent safety professionals who have been proven to deliver quality and guarantee required improvements for training participants.
  9. Ability to speak, write and read basic English is a major requirement for all our professional courses as we train using English language. This requirement also applies to foreigners and speakers of other international languages.
  10. It is your duty to ask for course-specific requirements prior to your registration for any course at Marana Global.
  11. You are expected to participate in all exercises applicable to your training as part of your continuous assessment. These will include class works, syndicate exercises, discussions, take home assignments, quizzes, final assessment, etc.
  12. Certification after training is not automatic. A complete and satisfactory assessment is mandatory for your certification. Where you are unable to pass the assessment at the end of your training, you will be invited for revision class at no additional cost to make up for any topic(s) that you have deficiency. Failure to attend the revision class after three invitations will lead to denial of your certificate and forfeiture of your payment.
  13. Where it is confirmed that poor performance during assessment was caused by the trainee through lateness to class, truancy, lack of attentiveness in class, general misconduct or other reasons, such trainee may be asked to make further payments for revision class.
  14. In our quest for improved environmental performance and pursuance of Goal 2021 to reduce paper usage in line with ISO 14001 EMS, some of the training guides and manuals shall be provided to you electronically through email, electronic storage media or other means appropriate for the company. Also, all assignments, class works, syndicate exercises, training attendance, registration, etc shall be done electronically and submitted to dedicated email address where applicable. The use of papers for these shall be strongly discouraged as much as possible. See our Environmental Policy for more.
  15. Lateness to class and general misconduct are not allowed during training at Marana Global.
  16. In line with our Safety Policy and Security Policy, it is our duty to provide a safe environment fit for purpose. Nevertheless, you have the personal responsibility to look after your belongings and take charge of your safety. You agree to indemnify us and our partners of any damages or losses whatsoever that may arise from your use of our facilities.
  17. You are required to collect your certificate from our office within 30 days from the date you received notice to do so. Failure to pick certificate within stipulated time may attract extra charges. Marana Global does not accept liability for certificates that are not collected as at when required. Upon your request, the certificate may be shipped to your preferred location using standard courier service at your own cost and liability.
  18. You agree to be bound by other relevant terms and conditions applicable to training and services provided by Marana Global. We advise that you read our policies for more information.


To set a global pace in safety and environmental training and services.


To consistently provide quality and timely solutions to the global community in our areas of services.

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