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Frequently Asked Questions

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1Is this ISPON?
This is Marana Global Services Ltd. We are the Authorized Training Provider for ISPON. You can make all your ISPON enquiries at Marana Global and we will be glad to help you out.
2Which certificate will I get after my training at Marana Global?
After your training with us, you will be certified by Institute of Safety Professionals of Nigeria. However, we have some specialized courses that are designed exclusively by Marana Global, those courses are certified by our company.
3Will my ISPON certificate carry Marana Logo?
No. We do not modify ISPON certificates in any way. The certificate is designed by ISPON and it carries their logo.
4What are the requirements to attend HSE courses?
The requirements will depend on the particular course you want. For example, you need HND or BSc degree for you to attend the General HSE course. You also need General HSE certificate for you to attend HSE Level 3.
5Can I do ISPON HSE Level 3 directly with my NEBOSH certificate?
No. ISPON requires you to do the General HSE course first before you can do the HSE Level 3.
6I am a graduate. Which HSE course can I start with?
As a graduate with HND or BSc, you need to start with the General HSE training first. This will enable you do other courses like HSE Level 3.
7What is the difference between HSE Level 1, Level 2 and General HSE?
HSE Level 1 and HSE Level 2 are designed for non-graduates and undergraduates. General HSE course is designed for those who have degrees like HND or BSc.
8I have OND degree. Can I do the General HSE?
No. The minimum academic qualification accepted for General HSE course is HND degree.
9Why is the General HSE course so important?
It is so important because it is a mandatory requirement for your membership registration with the Institute of Safety Professionals of Nigeria. This means that without the General HSE, you cannot register as a safety professional in Nigeria.
10After my training, how long will it take before I get my certificate?
Your certificate should be ready for collection within 7-14 days. This time is needed by ISPON to process your certificate.
11What is Distance Learning at Marana Global?

Distance Learning at Marana Global offers opportunities for those who may not be able to access a training center and those who may find it challenging to secure days off for training because of busy work schedules.

Also, international participants seeking to obtain certificates or professional memberships from Institute of Safety Professionals of Nigeria should consider this as a great option.

In the course of the training, questions from participants will be answered through their emails or using the Virtual Classroom.

We recommend this option for participants who already have good knowledge and experience of safety.

12What is Distance Learning with Virtual Classroom (DL-VC)?

The idea of DL-VC is to combine both online and offline resources for the training of participants. It is a training innovation by Marana Global to cater for those who will need direct training by Instructors.

Participants on DL-VC are able to combine the benefits of Distance Learning with the opportunity of live training sessions using our Virtual Classroom. This is a highly recommended option suitable for anyone.

13If I take my class on Distance Learning or DL-VC, how will I get my certificate?

All participants on our DL-VC (Distance Learning with Virtual Classroom) are entitled to free certificate delivery at the address they registered with us anywhere in Nigeria.

Note that participants on discount training are not eligible for free certificate shipment. Please see our Terms and Conditions page for courses that are eligible for free certificate shipment.
14What is the difference between Distance Learning and DL-VC?
The main difference is that when you choose Distance Learning, you will undertake a self study to complete your training and we will respond to your questions through emails or Virtual Classroom. On DL-VC, your training will take place in our Virtual Classroom where you will meet the Instructors in real time online.
15Why should I consider Distance Learning?
You may wan to consider this option for the following reasons.

1. If you cannot access approved training center near you.

2. If you have already used your annual leave, and securing days off may be difficult.

3. If you have obtained other safety certifications to provide equivalent skill level with the chosen course.

4. If you are a professional member of other recognized safety bodies and you are applying for ISPON membership.

16Why should I choose DL-VC?

DL-VC option is suitable and most recommended for anyone who desires to be trained by Marana Global. While staying at your location, you are able to have real time experience with our Instructors and collaborate with other participants during your training. In actual sense, you will not feel the difference of not going to class. Instead, you will have more opportunity to save travelling cost and the so on.

17How long will my training take on DL-VC?
The duration depends on your chosen course.
18What is the assessment process?
During your training with us, you will have two assessments. The first is continuous assessment which is practical based, and the second is your certificate examination. The continuous assessment will be submitted by email while the certificate examination will be done on our website.
19Do you have more questions?

Contact us on 08110141960 or email to for immediate response.

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