Practical Assessment- CA1

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Questions for Continuous Assessment (CA1)

General HSE Questions

1. Marana Global Services Ltd is an occupational health and safety training organisation in Nigeria. As a technology driven company, most of the operational processes are managed electronically.
The company offers training using three methods comprising online training, distance learning with virtual classroom (DL-VC) and physical (in-person) instructor led classes.

The organisation has staff who work remotely, while a few others work from the office. In line with the safety policy, the company desires to achieve an operational process that is free of all significant risks.
To do this, the company must identify all credible hazards (both existing and potential) and subject these to risk analysis so that the risks can be addressed.

You have been appointed to conduct the hazard identification exercise. Using the five hazard categories, list the hazards that can be identified with the company's operations

NOTE: Your list of hazards must include four examples under each of the hazard categories. 10 marks.

2. Company XYZ Nigeria Ltd has challenges in implementing a sound HSE management system. Over the past two years, their efforts to change the workers attitudes to safety have not yielded expected results. In their quest for better safety performance, you have been hired to replace their HSE officer who was just relieved of his duties. Your priority is to bring desired improvement in the safety culture of the organization. How best can you approach this challenge to prove your worth and bring desired improvement? 10 marks.

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3. A construction company has recorded several lost time injuries within the last five years due to their lack of commitments to health and safety. Typically, they would spend any amount for the operations department but always reluctant to attend to safety issues. As the new HSE officer, you are not comfortable with this poor safety performance. In about 300 to 350 words, explain how you would convince the management to place equal priority on HSE and operations activities. 10 marks.

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HSE Level 3 Questions

1. On July 6, 2017 at around 3:35pm, a passenger bus was involved in an accident along Lagos-Ibadan Expressway after straying into the bush. By the time emergency response team got to the scene, three of the passengers were found dead following the accident while nine others, including the driver sustained varying degrees of injuries. One other victim was also rescued without any physical injury. Preliminary findings showed that the bus was carrying 14 passengers who were going for a political function in Lagos. Some eye witness reports suggested factors that could have led to the accident, naming potholes, over speeding, driving errors and bad weather as the causes.

Your team has been assigned to conduct a full investigation of the accident.

a) What will be your approach towards the investigation and what questions would you ask?

b) Identify key persons for interviews.

d) List some limitations/constrains to this investigation.

c) What will the outline of your investigation report? 10 marks.

2. Eight workers of XYZ Group Nig. Ltd were involved in a building collapse, leading to the death of one staff. Six others were being treated in the hospital due to several injuries but the medical team assured of their full recovery over some time, estimated between 22 days and 35 days. The company site supervisor, however, escaped the collapse with bruises and was discharged within two hours from the hospital after medical examination. The company has a total of 22 staff, including the Managing Director who was on official trip abroad and Admin Manager who was on annual leave through out the period. Assuming the company worked 8-hours per day over a 15-day period, the accident happened at the end of day five at work and no other lost time injuries were recorded, prepare their HSE Statistics. 10 marks.

3. Using the JHA template provided during your training, prepare a job hazard analysis for any task of your choice and write out the safe job procedures that will be used.

Hint: You may analyse with only the first three steps in your selected task. However, ensure that you have a list of the complete task steps in your note because you will be asked during the technical presentation. 10 marks.

Advanced HSE Questions

1. Select an organisation of your choice for the purpose of this assessment. You may use an organisation that is not registered or use an existing one if you have the consent of the organisation.

A). Provide an overview of the business operations of the organisation.

B). Develop HSE policy for the organisation.

C). Develop the organisation structure clearly showing HSE, among others.

D). Describe relevant elements that you would cover if you are developing HSE manual for the organisation.

E). Assuming the organisation has just won a contract, select any project in line with the business of the company and develop the HSE plan for the project.

2. FlySafe Nigeria Ltd has been awarded a contract to transport 13 personnel to an offshore facility. As part of managing the risks associated with the flight, you are required to do Bow Tie analysis for them.

3. You will be advised to visit a selected site or workstation during your training. Your task is to develop a hazard register for the site or workstation.

4. Provide insights on how risk assessment can be improved in organsations.

5. For the scenario presented during your training, you are required to prepare the HSE statistics.

6. For the scenario presented during your training, you are required to carry out the investigation as directed.

Assessment questions for other courses will be provided by the Instructor.

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