Safety Policy

Marana Global Services Ltd is continuously committed to demonstrating safety leadership by working in line with global best practices and setting relevant targets to improve our overall HSE performance and that of our partners. We believe in proactive safety approach and prevention of accident using the hazard and effect management process. Hence, the company will continue to demonstrate commitments towards achieving Goal Zero through implementation of sound HSE-Management System. We will always carry out hazard identification and deploy effective controls to prevent failures. The company shall also design adequate recovery measures to manage any incident that may occur during our operations. At Marana Global, we understand our obligations to always provide adequate personal protective equipment for all personnel while at work and it shall be our duty to continually uphold high safety standards at all times in line with current best practices in the industry.


To set a global pace in safety and environmental training and services.


To consistently provide quality and timely solutions to the global community in our areas of services.

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