Dr. Victor Fodeke is an expert in environmental sustainability and former Director at Federal Ministry of Environment with over 30 years experience locally and internationally.

He was Nigeria's Designated National Authority on climate change, who led the country's delegate on all international negotiations and conventions.

Dr. He was also the Technical Adviser to Addis Ababa on climate change.

As a member of Environmental Assessment panel, he participated in the review of several EIA reports for major projects across Nigeria.

Having retired from public service, Dr. Victor now leads a team on smart city solutions.

1. 2008: Appointed Head/ Special Climate Change Unit, Federal Ministry of Environment, Nigeria, as well as the Designated National Authority (DNA), and Focal Point Person for Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation(REDD).

2. As Nigeria’s Lead Negotiator, Designated National Authority (DNA) and Focal Point for the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), led Nigeria to the Conference of Parties (COP)/ Meeting of Parties (MOP) 14 in Poznan, and COP/MOP 15 in Copenhagen.

3. Member of the Committee of Conference of African Heads of State and Government on Climate Change (CAHOSCC).

4. 2010: Co-Chair of African Group of Negotiators in the UNFCCC negotiation process.

5. 2010: Member of “Expert Group on Feasibility Study And Impact Assessment of Possible Market-Based Measures (MBM-EG)” of the International Maritime organization(IMO)- Representing Nigeria.

6. 2010: Member and National Focal Point for the World Bank “Clean Technology Fund (CTF)” – Representing Africa.

7. Member of Enforcement Branch of the Compliance Committee(Enforcement Branch) of United Framework Convention on Climate Change(UNFCCC ).

8. As the Nation’s Designated National Authority (DNA) for Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) projects led the country in the registration of FOUR CDM projects in TWO YEARS.

9. Nigeria now has 5 CDM projects registered. The expected volume of carbon credits to be generated per year is over 1% of worldwide expected carbon credits to be generated, making Nigeria the 10th country in the world of CDM in terms of yearly credits to be generated.

10. 2018: Appointed Managing Director, TELLCO EUROPE NIGERIA.

Dr. Mrs Esther is a Fellow of Institute of Safety Professionals of Nigeria and a Certified Safety Professional with the Board of Certified Safety Professional, United States of America. She has several professional certifications in occupational health and safety.


1. PhD in Environmental Management

2. MSc in Occupational Health & Safety

3. MPhil. in Environment Management

4. HND in Chemistry

5. PGD in Chemical Engineering

6. PGD in Education

7. BSc in Computer Science

8. PGD in Soil Science

9. PGD in Theology

10. MA. in Christian Education


1. 2014-date: Training Director and Board member at Institute of Safety Professionals of Nigeria.

2. 2010-2013: Assistant Training Director and member of Editorial/Technical Board at Institute of Safety Professionals of Nigeria.

3. 2000-Date: Instructor at Institute of Safety Professionals of Nigeria.


Dr. Mrs. Esther has spent several years in the Oil and Gas industry, during which she supervised the following projects.

1. Agbada Compressor Gas Lift Facility (Client- SPDC East)

2. Bonny Heater Choke and Gas System Improvement (Client- SPDC East)

3. Bomu Compressor Gas Lift Facilities (Client- SPDC East)

4. Kaduna Refinery Maintenance Client (NNPC)

5. Old Port Harcourt Refinery Rehabilitation (Client- NNPC)

6. Polypropylene Plant/Petrochemicals (Client- NNPC)

7. Qua Iboe Terminal Upgrading (Client- Mobil Producing Nig. Unltd)

8. Oso Gas Condensate (Client- MPN/NNPC)

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