Privacy Policy

Marana Global Services Ltd has a strong commitment to the privacy and security of any information collected through our website. Such information may include email address, account profile and other open access data which we use to serve you and improve your experience with us. These and other confidential information which you may submit on our website will always be kept secured and will not be shared with unauthorized parties. Marana Global will not sell your data for any reason. It is important to note that verified third-party applications installed on our website may have unrestricted access to your information so as to improve your experience with us.

Your data and information will be kept with us as long as it is required to provide our services to you whether immediately or in the future. However, you ma request that we erase your data and user account information from our website if you feel you would no longer want us to keep such information.


To set a global pace in safety and environmental training and services.


To consistently provide quality and timely solutions to the global community in our areas of services.

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