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Refund Policy

Where a client, after making payment for training or services to be rendered by Marana Global Services Ltd, wishes to terminate or withdraw their request for the service, the company shall refund the payment within 30 days of notice by the client after deducting 12% of the paid fee to cover tax deductions and administrative costs. In the event that the service is being rendered before the client requests cancelation, the sum commensurate with the rendered service shall be deducted together with standard tax deductions before the balance is refunded, or when the requested service has been rendered, the client shall not be entitled to any refund. If such termination is due to gross poor service delivery by Marana Global, leading to dissatisfaction of the client, the company shall refund the total payment made by the client within 90 days of the termination or other times agreed with the client without any deductions.


To set a global pace in safety and environmental training and services.


To consistently provide quality and timely solutions to the global community in our areas of services.

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