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Training Policy

Marana Global Services Ltd believes that training is an opportunity for improvement. We are strongly committed to the quality and integrity of our courses, and we will take every necessary action to ensure that our training conforms to applicable local and international industry standards. It is our commitment to provide competent Instructors/Trainers, safe and comfortable environment, and all necessary facilities to achieve training objectives. Relating to training, no employee or representative of Marana Global shall compromise on the set standards or take any action/decision that may conflict any of our policies. As a company, we will always look for improvement opportunities in line with best industry standards.

Training Completion, Assessment and Certification

All participants shall be required to complete their training and take assessments within a maximum duration of 30 days or within such period as shall be specified by Marana Global Services Ltd. Participants who fail to complete their training and assessments within the period specified will have to submit another registration for the course if they so wish to complete the training.

At Marana Global Services Ltd, certificates shall be issued only after satisfactory assessment. Participants shall be required to take prescribed assessments comprising continuous assessment (CA) and final examination. The CA and final examination shall be assessed independently, and participants shall be required to score a minimum specified score in each to qualify for certification.

Marana Global Services Ltd shall reserve the right to revoke any previously issued certificates, or refuse to issue certificates to a participant if at any point, it is discovered that the participant has engaged in malpractices, plagiarism or other misconducts in the course of the assessment.

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