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Authorised Gas Tester

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The gas testing training is designed to equip participants with needed skills and competence to detect the presence of hazardous gases in the workplace. Critical operations such as working in confined spaces or working in gas facilities require specialized controls in other to prevent disasters. The training will provide knowledge of gas testing procedure to detect the presence and concentration of toxic and explosive gases so that adequate controls can be implemented to avoid incidents.



The objectives of this training include:

  1. Provide in-depth understanding of the various types of hazardous gases that may be present at work;
  2. Provide comprehensive knowledge of the risks associated with the gases/fumes;
  • Train participants on how to carry out risk assessment relating to toxic and explosive gases;
  1. Provide the needed competence to work as a gas tester and be able to monitor the presence of hazardous gases at work.



At the end of the training, participants will:

  1. Gain in-depth understanding of the various hazardous gases relating to their operations;
  2. Be able to assess the risk due to the presence of, and exposure to hazardous gases;
  3. Be able to select suitable protective equipment for safe operation during confined space works and other similar activities;
  4. Be able to carry out gas testing and interpret the test results;
  5. Be able to recommend suitable measures to control the presence of hazardous gases.



The gas testing training is designed for personnel who work in confined spaces, gas plants, refineries, tank farms, flow stations and other processes where hazardous gases may exist. The course is especially recommended for managers, supervisors and team leads who are responsible for managing risks relating to toxic or explosive conditions.

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