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Guidelines for Operations as COVID-19 Lockdown Relaxes

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April 24, 2020
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May 4, 2020
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Guidelines for Operations as COVID-19 Lockdown Relaxes


Following the partial relaxation of COVID-19 lockdown by Federal government of Nigeria, we hereby issue the following guidelines to safely manage our operations until the pandemic is totally controlled.

1.1 Distance Learning will remain our preferred training method during this period, while we gradually resumes back with the classroom training.

1.2 Our training centre will be opened from Monday May 4, 2020 but office will remain closed to visitors. All visitors’ activities will be managed using electronic means or attended to at the training centre based on appointments.

1.3 Operation time will be from 9:00am to 3:00pm Monday to Friday.

1.4 Only personnel involved in training will be on duty.

1.5 To minimize exposures and enhance effective contact tracing, one Instructor will be assigned to manage each class during this period.

1.6 Each class will have maximum of six people, comprising five trainees and one Instructor.

1.7 Social distancing of at least 1.5meters shall be maintained during classes.

1.8 In line with government’s directive on use of face masks, everyone is required to use their face masks during operating hours. Due to this, there will be a compulsory five minutes break after every three hours to enable participants get fresh air if they are on standard face masks, or two minutes after every 90 minutes if they are using locally made cloth face coverings.

1.9 Participants are required to use the face masks/cloth face coverings that they put on while coming to Marana Global. It is their respective duties to ensure that cloth face coverings conform to recommendations of CDC.

1.10 All staff, participants and visitors must obey the hand washing instructions before entering classes, after every break period and before leaving the training facility.

1.11 Serving of food during training is temporarily on hold. Potable branded water will be provided. Snacks may also be provided where it is considered safe to do so without possible risk of infections. Participants and staff are encouraged to go along with their food packs to minimize exposures.

1.12 As much as possible, contacts must be minimized with others in our facility; handshaking, hugging, close distance discussions without face masks, are still prohibited.

For more information and to register for training, contact us at or call 08110141960.

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